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Originally Posted by mattler View Post
Well I should have titled it "Lack of service"
I couple of days after I got the bike it fell over and put a slight bend in the right handlebar and chipped the end of my brake lever. I went in to the dealer who had absolutely no technical support to offer in terms of parts identification. I had to literally show them the bar and lever and even had to tell them what model the bike was after they had seen it?? The guy disappeared for a while then returned to say "sorry no stocks" then started walking off! I then shouted him back and said you are official dealer here, how do I get these parts. He took my phone number and said he would call me with a price. That was 12 days ago and no call!!
Surely there should be a general standard of training for dealers to achieve franchise status regardless of what country they are in??
If I was in UK then I would write directly to Kawasaki UK but no sure who to contact here with my complaint.....
Any ideas??
well here in the philippines the easiest way to get kawasaki parts is to go directly to the kawasaki plant in alabang or maybe in 10th ave. caloocan, screw the dealers they will only order parts if someone orders them, they dont keep them in stock. dealers here usually keep oil filters and brake pads in stock but for other items they will only order it if you're willing to wait and it could take weeks.
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